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A traditional Greek village in a beautiful area of Messinia Greece.

The area of Koroni and Vasilitsi offers Beaches, Mountains and authentic Greek tradition.

Greek "Koroneiki" olive oil

Learn about the excellent Koroneiki Olive Oil that Vasilitsi produces.

About Vasilitsi

An overview and history of Vasilitsi. A rich history that stretches from the ancient Greek city of Asini.

Unique Wildlife
Incredible Beaches

memi beach

The main attraction away from the village in the warmer months is Memi Beach, a 1km sweep of golden sand just 10 minute drive from the village. Memi sees loggerhead turtles, which lay their eggs, you can often spot their nests by the bamboo protective barriers and signs that have been erected by marine biologists and environmentalists.



The beach of Memi that is located between Vasilitsi and Koroni is renowned
for its golden sand and
visiting loggerhead Sea Turtles.


the Beaches

Memi beach

Memi Beach

The beach of Memi is known for its golden sand and visiting loggerhead turtles. Its length is around 1km until it joins with Zaga beach that reaches Koroni Castle. It’s a wide beach and is exposed to the sun until later in the day. It has many visitor amenities nearby including a taverna, beach bed and umbrella hire, a clothes changing kiosk and fresh water showers on the beach. Takeaway food and a cafe on the main road is also close by. Due to its size and accessibility on the main road it is the most popular beach in the area with the locals and visitors.

Krioner Vasilitsi Koroni

Krioneri Beach

A charming beach that is accessible via a path and stone steps near the main road. It is surrounded by high cliffs that shield the beach from the main road. It is fairly secluded, once you are there you could forget you are in civilisation. The beach is made mostly of fine pebbles and there is a natural cold water vein emanating from the sand, the beach derives its name (Krioneri = cold water) because of this geological phenomenon. 

Kalamaki Beach

Many regard this beach as the most scenic in the area. Its location is to the south of Vasilitsi, it has fine golden sand, clear blue water that is shallow and predictable. It also has views of the rugged unspoilt surrounding cliffs and landscape including the island of Venetico in the distance. 

Sea Selitsa Venetico Vasilitsi

The Cape Akrita

The area known as Selitsa is a region that has many beaches along its coast, some more accessible than others, one such beach is the Akrita, although mostly rocky, fine shale is found in some locations, the area is accessible via dirt roads and therefore caution is needed with the type of vehicle used to access this location, a GPS, Map or local knowledge is essential for visitors unfamiliar with this area.


tsapi Beach

Tsapi is a spectacular beach and although it’s around 10km from Vasilitsi via a winding asphalted road it has made this list because it is a favourite amongst the locals and others from nearby villages. It is a fairly secluded beach with fine sand and clear blue water and wild beauty, amenities include a camping site and a taverna. 


Agios Nikolaos & Agios Georgios Beaches

Agios Nikolaos and Agios Gorgios are named after churches overlooking their respective beaches, at 2km away Agios Nikolaos is the closest to Vasilitsi. A short distance further is Agios Georgios. On many days crystal clear water reflects and refracts the mostly small red pebbles that make up these beaches. Access is via paths from the main road.


Ammoudi Beach

In the area of Faneromeni is Ammoudi, a scenic beach with clear blue water, rocky outcrops and golden sand characterise this beach. A large cave that is level and a few meters from the shoreline is located at its end. The beach can be accessed from a road in Faneromeni. 


The most significant and inspiring attractions are often close to you.

Reconnect with nature, the area surrounding Vasilitsi is semi Mountainous and is a hikers and mountain bikers dream. With every turn there is a path that leads to a view or lookout, for some a walk around the surrounding village is enough. For those more experienced the area of Selitsa offers trekking in semi wilderness. The area is fairly large and a compass, a map or a GPS and correct gear and water is essential in the warmer season. 


Faith & Tradition 


the churches

Over the centuries many different places of worship were built in the area surrounding Vasilitsi. The oldest discovered being a 13th century Byzantine Church in Selitsa. In every direction there is a Church. Each house of worship is named after an important figure in Orthodox Christianity and each has its special day of the year when Greek Orthodox adherents celebrate to whom its dedicated too. 

The Church that towers over the village is named after “Agios Vasilios” (Saint Basil of Cappadocia, 329 AD ), it is a formidable sight against the backdrop of mostly low lying traditional Greek homes.

The church dedicated to Panagia – Chrysokellarias Moni (the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin) is a short distance from Vasilitsi, the ground which it stands also served as a Monastery until a few decades ago. It has a rich history and many notable people passed through there over the centuries, including the 1821 Greek revolutionary leader and national hero, Theodore Kolokotronis. The views from it are beautiful and there is a natural cold water spring flowing from the cliffside that has quenched the thirst of Shepard’s, animals, and passerby’s since its founding.


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