Koroneiki Olive Oil

The most important variety of olives in Greece, and probably the world. The variety of olives is called Koroneiki, and accounts for 50 to 60% of Olive variety grown in Greece. As the name suggests the variety originates from the region of Koroni, Vasiltsi and surrounding areas. It has been harvested in the region since ancient Greece. The micro climate of the region means that the olives are harvested typically between November and December. The olives are picked while green and produce a Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a low acidity often lower than .03%. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives from Vasilitsi

Vasilitsi is surounded by Olive groves as far away as Selitsa. The village is central to many producers of Korneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil and thus has its own Olive Oil extraction plant. This insures a quick extraction time from picking to oil, ensuring that the Olives produce the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil aroma and properties. 

The Mediterranean diet is part of the local landscape and recognised internationally.

The Mediterranean Diet - UNESCO

UNESCO, in 2010 chose the area of Koroni to represent the Mediterranean Diet as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The criteria for such an honor is due to the regions history and local produce, most notably the Koroneiki Olives. The leafy green vegetables, the centuries old  customs of preparation and cooking, and the growing methods make this region special. 


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Koroneiki Olive Oil

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